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Strengthen + Align + Redefine ... in just 3 minutes time.

Stress does not differentiate between the brain or body, and our neuromuscular systems undergo intense wear and tear daily. This builds up over time, causing our bodies to become compromised, reducing their flexibility and efficiency. Movements gradually become more restricted, resulting in weak points – predominantly in the knees, lower back, and neck.

Transformation is possible and easily achieved!

We've proven the Butt Bungi's scientific viability and transformational capabilities over and over with amazed, happy and pain-free clients. The BungiGym system using the Butt Bungi  to find body alignment works fast, easily and without even breaking a sweat. Once you've fired up a quick reset to the core, its time to move!

The Butt Bungi

Learn about the benefits and versatility of the Butt Bungi and how BungiGym’s proven system can help you.

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About Kipling Solid + BungiGym

Meet the creator of the BungiGym system.

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