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I have been transforming painful bodies, one body at a time for 3yrs. Now I’m ready to share it with the world!
— Kipling Solid, founder of BungiGym

Meet Kipling Solid

Kipling Solid is a well-known trainer and fitness expert and the innovator of the ButtBungi Activation System, using Doug Heel’s patented ButtBungi. She is trained in his unique, “Be Activated” muscle sequencing system.  Kipling is also a coach at Doug’s workshops, educating new participants in this transformational method. She continues to teach proper technique at workshops and demonstrations across the country and locally with Chicago based coach, Chris Korfist of Reflective Performance Reset (RPR) who is receiving world-wide recognition for his “Track and Field Consortiums.” 

Currently, Kipling participates annually, on staff, at the “Forbes Factor Live Events” and as BungiGym and SpinGym Fitness Expert with Forbes Riley, an award winning TV host, motivational keynote speaker and author. 

Kipling Solid has been an exercise professional for three decades. She has a degree in Corporate Fitness and is a fully certified instructor in the Pilates Method through Body in Balance, under Fran Ahrens of the Pilates Center, Boulder, CO. In addition, Kipling has countless accredited hours of advanced Pilates certification under the tutelage of Michael Miller Pilates.

Her passion for fitness began with an introduction to body building in college, where she won two first-place trophies, overall winner in two events and the title, Ms. Ozark, in both events.  Her professional career began in corporations throughout the Chicago area as a Wellness Coordinator. Kipling designed the exercise standards for fitness centers, but her focus quickly turned as a result of her love for rehabilitating people who experience painful injuries. She has worked, and continues to work, with chiropractors who refer clients to her for supportive rehabilitation for injuries.

Kipling combines her years of knowledge and expertise as a Trainer, Pilates Teacher, Muscle Activation Specialist and "Be-Activated Coach" to create and refine her methodology.

Whether you are a fitness enthusiast, athlete or exercise "start-up," you will be surprised and even shocked at how different you will feel after only three minutes in the ButtBungi.

The BungiGym system is an innovative easy way to restore your core into a quick body transformation. Countless individuals share their inspirational life changing testimonies with Kipling.