Transform your body & mind with just 3 minutes daily!

The Butt Bungi encourages the body to use the powerful gluteus muscles (simply put, your butt). The abdominals and gluteus muscles are the two muscle groups controlling alignment in all movement. Without this muscle function it reduces hip and shoulder strength and mobility, along with a loss of explosive power and balance. The BungiGym System is a Muscle Activation System! Muscle Activation is a way to regulate muscle imbalances for ease of movement. BungiGym is the first of its kind to teach your body simply and easily how to build abdominal strength with corrective posture immediately. 

Standing in the Butt Bungi for 3 minutes a day organizes your body to move from center outward. Upon stepping out of the Butt Bungi you will notice an immediate transformation! ie: feel lighter, more upright, balanced, and ease when walking, aches and pains calm down and noticeable ease of movement.

Align your body out of back, neck and hip pain

  • Build abdominal Strength by activating your core in minutes

  • It takes 3 minutes a day of breathing awareness to experience new levels of physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual well being

  • Better posture alleviates back pain

How cool and convenient to have your own traveling gym and one lightweight 1/2 lb. personal trainer traveling with you -- everywhere!

Workout when you want. Put your trainer in the jamb of a door and your workout session begins when you want-at your convenience.

  • Save hundreds of dollars or more a year.

  • Your traveling gym is paid for in one missed session with a trainer.

  • Save time and money and time and time again. More importantly, experience results you've never seen before with your Butt Bungi Coach Connection to assist in perfect form every time.