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It is with great pleasure to show you how I work with clients and the BungiGym system using the Butt Bugni! 

Aside from the Butt Bungi product, we do have package options that include one on one online coaching and full access to our library of positions and workouts geared towards pain relif, yoga, core strength, athletic strength and more!

If you are interested in learning more about the BungiGym ststem or the Butt Bungi and how it can help you, I invite you to email me:

About Kipling

Kipling Solid, well-known trainer and fitness expert, is the innovator of the Butt Bungi Activation System using Doug Heels' patented Butt Bungi. Kipling is Be Activated trained in his unique muscle sequencing innovation.  She is a Coach at his workshops educating new participants in this transformational method. Kipling continues to participate in teaching proper technique and skills across the country and locally with Chicago based Coach, Chris Korfist of RPR whom is receiving world wide recognition for his Track and Field Consortiums.