A Dream Come True!

In 2014, I listened to a recording, “The Strangest Secret,” by Earl Nightingale. I decided to take on his 30-day challenge for success, “What Do You Want?” Earl said, “Think about your goal as though you had already achieved it. Our rewards in life will always be in exact proportion to our contribution, our service. Thoughts mold our lives and determine our future. We are guided by our minds first and foremost. Knock! Seek! And the door will open!”


What was my goal? I wanted to be successful, to create or “dream up” a method for helping my clients manage their physical pain. In my 20 plus years in the fitness field, including Pilates and a Muscle Activation System, I’ve had clients, of all ages and vocations, some for whom I had no answers. Teenagers, the elderly, and athletes who experienced chronic back, shoulder, hip, knee and ankle pain and even those with pain from Parkinson’s disease, MS, and scoliosis came through my studio doors every day. Many had tried different therapies, drugs and invasive procedures. When the body begins a compensatory pattern, the irritation is relentless and perpetuates the pain syndrome. Sometimes we would train together in laughter and other times in tears.

I also wanted to develop a system, via the Internet, for the “non-touchy-feely folks” and those I could not work with in person. It became a passion of mine, thinking about it day and night and experimenting with different body movements, using an apparatus which I called the Butt Bungi. It’s transportable, as it can be attached to any door. It was on day #27 of my 30-day challenge that I had a “Eureka!” moment. I awoke from a sound sleep with an audible gasp! I jumped out of bed, saying “I’ve got it! This is going to be a gift to the world!” On that day, my innovative Bungi Gym System was born. It all came together—my thoughts and my movements—resulting in a passive resistance system that takes only three minutes a day. The solution is to manipulate or interrupt the compensating pattern. With my Bungi Gym System, we “re-set” overused or underused muscles in the body that can lead to injury or pain. For those who purchase the Butt Bungi, an instruction video will be emailed.

bungi bag 4 w kip.jpg

A Dream Come True!

My dream became a reality! These principles work! Since 2014, my Bungi Gym System has helped individuals experience an amazing transformation. My clients can use their Butt Bungi anywhere.

Build Abdominal Strength – Redefine the Core – Alleviate Pain – in 3 Minutes a Day

Today….my dream continues to grow.

“Your diamonds are not in the far distant mountains or in yonder seas; they are in your own backyard – if you but dig for them.”

–Russell H. Conwell