Look in the mirror and reclaim YOUR POWER

How many times do you look in the mirror to check yourself throughout the day? 

Well as body conscious as I am it’s only the selfies I post that gives me a glimpse of self! Otherwise, I don’t look very often. I do what I do because of my passion not because I’m in need every hair in place. My flaws are scrutinized and well announced by my inner voice.

Lindsey Bean hit the nail when I heard her say:
“Our brains are assholes!”

My first thought was, “excuse me? I do declare! - Not my brain!" But as I thought about it and went a little deeper, I succumbed to that reality.

Don’t listen to the voices in your head that hold you back. Life is short ... regrets cannot be changed ... however, moving forward changes everything!

Feeling great, and interactions throughout my day and serving others feeds my self-worth! Both you and I add value to others lives in some capacity, and sometimes in a huge way. Don’t give into false humility as though you don’t matter. It’s unattractive and self-deprecating!

Next time you check yourself in the mirror, know your worth is within all that you are. That is YOUR power!

Live it.

Own it.

Share it.

Your life has value.


You and I are worthy of blessings ... but, will not be honored until we believe in ourselves.